Activities achieved in 2013 1. Research of Museum of Ialomița County’s collections (A. Bălășescu). 2. Dissemination of results: 2.1. Scientific meetings Third Arheoinvest Congress, Interdisciplinary Research in Archeology, University of Iași, 6-8 June 2013, public lectures: - V. Radu, D. Popovici, C. Cernea, I. Cernău, A. Bălășescu, Gathering molluscs in the Eneolithic. Case study on an accumulation of bivalve shells from the Eneolithic site of Borduşani-Popină (Romania), Arheoinvest-Congress-Programme-and-Abstracts.pdf <6.2.1.a > - C. Haită, The micromorfology of anthropic sequences  from the Chalcolithic tell Bordușani – Popină,  Arheoinvest-Congress-Programme-and-Abstracts.pdf <6.2.1.b> 
2.2. Publications R. Gillis, S. Bréhard, A. Bălăşescu, J. Ughetto-Monfrin, D. Popovici, J.-D. Vigne, M. Balasse, Sophisticated cattle dairy husbandry at Borduşani-Popină (Romania, 5th mill BC): the evidence from complementary analysis of mortality profiles and stable Isotopes, World Archaeology, Special Issue (Innovation in isotopes: Current applications of stable isotope chemistry in bioarchaeology), in press. M. Ollivier, A. Tresset, C. Hitte, C. Petit, S. Hughes, B. Gillet, M. Duffraisse, M. Pionnier-Capitan, L. Lagoutte, R.-M. Arbogast, A. Bălășescu, A. Boroneanț, M. Mashkour, J. D. Vigne, C. Hänni, Evidence of coat color variation sheds new light on ancient canids, PlosOne, in press. S. Bréhard, V. Radu, A. Martin, P. Hanot, D. Popovici, A. Bălăşescu, Food supply strategies in the Romanian Eneolithic: sheep/goat husbandry and fishing activities from Hârşova tell and Borduşani-Popină (5th millennium BC), European Journal of Archaeology, submitted for publication. 3. Field research in the floodplain zone of Balta Ialomiței - Verifying archaeological sites, identification of new occupation areas; - GPS data, topographic survey, collecting archaeologic inventory, sedimentologic and radiocarbon sampling; - Stratigraphic punctual soil coring.