A. The characteristics of the human inhabitance in the area of Balta Ialomiţei, namely by: -evidencing the great natural and archaeological potential by identification of the archaeological sites buried in time by the deposition of sediments by the river in the large chronological and stratigraphical frame. -restitution of human activities, based on the pluridisciplinary approach, in the area of Popina- Borduşani (husbandry, plant cultivation, utilization of different materials like wood, sediments, etc.) and their impact on the environment. -identification of a different human activity areas and their impact on the environment reconstructed in detail in order to understand their dynamic evolution in the frame of the specific social space of that area.
B. Models of the evolution of the human inhabitance in context of the natural environment: - the patterns of the human communities evolution in the largest chronologically frame of that area. - the evolution models of different human communities not only in historical perspective but connected with the variability of ecological characteristics of the environment. C. The settlement, as a central place of various economical, social and spiritual practices, integrated in his environment could help to understand the long term model of the human/environment interrelations in Balta Ialomiţei. This includes the possibilities to explain the changes and the development in time.